Modern Warfare 2 Most Pirated Game of 2009

In view of the records in the entertainment industry broken Modern Warfare 2, it is natural that the FPS hit was also very popular among hackers. TorrentFreak collected data from various sources, including reports ranged from public BitTorrent trackers, and Infinity Ward's military shooter like most of the streams Game of the Year in 2009.

With 4.1 billion unauthorized downloads of the PC version, but Modern Warfare 2 is distributed twice the "winner last year," Spore. The "representation" is remarkable considering that MW2 was Released on 10 November, during which won that second title, The Sims 3, was five months ago, 2 Published in June and 3.2 million downloads accumulated.

Other "members" include prototype with 2.35 million (published in June 2009), the need for the change in velocity to 2.1 billion euros (published in September 2009) and Street Fighter IV released with 1.85 Downloads million (July 2009). MW2 was also the Xbox 360 pirated games, while New Super Mario Bros. Was the most popular torrent Wii.

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Final Fantasy XIII Made Selling Up. 1 Million Copies in First Day.

After selling just sent the game Final Fantasy XIII in Japan late last week. Also revealed that selling game Final Fantasy XIII on the first day that more than 1 million copies already.

The Square Enix has announced that period. 24 hours after sending the game sold in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII to that. Circulation of the game in Japan made it to more than 1 million copies already. Square Enix, which sent the game to shop more representative. 1.8 million copies already. However not to sell games that are set with the players or PlayStation 3 game bundle special.

The game is Final Fantasy XIII in Japan will only platform available for the PlayStation 3, but U.S. and European markets will be sent in with Xbox 360 platform, which is scheduled for release on March 9, 2010. For PlayStation 3 is selling in Japan at all. 4,020,563 machines. The overall circulation throughout the world would be. 27 million.

Additionally, New Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo recently sent to the distributors selling to do. 1,401,558 copies sold since its launch in mid ago.

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Wii Selling 9 Million in Japan, The PS3 Sales than 4 Million.

Enterbrain revealed that on December 13 the past. Total sales the Nintendo Wii in Japan exceeded. 9 million units, while PlayStation 3 is already more than 4 million units.

Enterbrain reveals that sale of the Nintendo Wii sold only in Japan, made all possible 9,048,012 machine then.Since sending the markets since December. 2006 earlier in September last himself revealed that Nintendo's Wii selling in markets around the world all over. 56 million already.

For PlayStation 3 is selling in Japan at all. 4,020,563 machines. The overall circulation throughout the world would be. 27 million. Additionally, New Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo recently sent to the distributors selling to do. 1,401,558 copies sold since its launch in mid ago.

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Susan Boyle Tops Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2009

Britain's Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle was the star of the most popular video of 2009 on video site YouTube.

The Scottish singer's surprising rendition of I Dreamed A Dream on the show has been watched by more than 120 million viewers worldwide.

The moment had more views than the next three most-watched videos combined.

In second place, with more than 37 million views, was a video featuring a disorientated seven-year-old boy recovering from dental work.

David After Dentist was posted by the child's father after his son had surgery to remove a tooth in 2008.

Susan Boyle's album became the best-selling debut in UK chart history
I Dreamed A Dream: Deluxe Edition (CD & DVD)
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Sony: PlayStation 3 to be 3D-capable via Firmware Update

The investors showed that it would reach Sony stereoscopic 3D technology for the PlayStation 3 as part of its strategy to profitability to be examined. The company plans to introduce a system firmware update adds that a large 3D functionality for the PlayStation 3

Sony intends to lead the market in 3D - and it shows. The company said that during the September IFA technology conference that it is intended to offer 3D-ready TVs, Blu-Ray and VAIO notebooks
. She also plans, 3000 Sony-3D established theater projectors in cinemas, installed by the end of 2010.

PlayStation 3, Sony hopes to offer developers a partnership with 3D-specific tools that make them to start games for this platform can. However, most consumers will have to upgrade their television sets for the PS3 games in an efficient way 3D experience.

General Director of Sony Howard Stringer believes that the new 3D technology and as a next step in the PS3 HDD PlayStation controller in the black by March 2011.

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Nintendo sold 1.5 million consoles in the past week.

Nintendo sales record again in Festival Black Friday last.
Although in the last several years, Nintendo will not win this Global in a game console that such as the generation before. However they also record, their own sales are continuing. Festival on Black Friday last past Nintendo sales again exceeded their consoles with sales totaling more than 1.5 million units in one week. Which is divided into a Wii at retail price of 199.99 dollars more than USD 550,000 a portable game player Nintendo DS version of DSL and DSi together more than 1 million sales, which the DS is a record player mobile game. A balance that most Game Bay Adance made the holiday season with a Thanksgiving 2002.

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Universal to offer Blu-ray and DVD films on one Flipper disc

Universal Studios movie Camp Hollywood Offers special Flipper disc containing the DVD and Blu-ray on the same disc.
Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Multimedia disc offers new option for users with the introduction of Flipper disc special user can choose to be used by both the 2 and 2 in that it is a DVD and Blu-ray discs contained. Movie about the same, but different resolution. The main targets of the Universal is that user who are planning to buy Blu-ray player, but also delay the allowance Blue-ray Player technology drive down prices in the future. That this disc will be available on January 19, 2010, the first disc will be released film series Bourne Trilogy, which consists of 50GB dual-layer Blu-ray in one and 9GB dual-layer DVD on the other side. One. Taggnigtaggnagn also not disclosed the price of Universal Studios Home Entertainment in any way.
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New York tests emergency warning system through a network of Xbox Live.

While on offense suddenly of these terrorists, the explosion of nuclear disaster and the world after that, the progression of the virus, disaster is not new to the game hands out the Mercedes, but that how they were not. Has actually occurred. Outside the fence behind home. However lasting week the last game, the New York broker Merrill to recognize such an event (if it actually happens) who was the first notification from the New York State government agencies in the United States.

Local governments from New York to take pot experiments Inc. notifications warning that severe destruction through official channels that think "should" have used the group to recognize messaging that direct and quickest goal. Main groups is those young people take on the screen gaming network that is not Xbox Live, PSN, Wii to recognize the impending danger or disaster before one occurs.

In this issue directly with those responsible for Mr. Rico Singleton, information and public relations representative of the local authorities gave the New York State. Interviews origin of the concept plans that result from this consideration. Take the virtual world of their youth and to promote national alerts. Many important events. Through a channel that is the youth allowance they receive knowledge and preparation. Dealing with such events immediately.

The network manager at Microsoft, Sony and a New Tech Dole himself out to support the idea that this full and ready to do. Warning broadcast on the network itself immediately if notification is incredible. Hold by government agencies, really.

However, Singleton did not give interviews about any details. Additional, but he stressed again that the projects that will actually take place. And is in the first test. And projects that are only 1 in projection technology initiatives of Empire 2.0 of the New York State Local Government needs to provide the public and agencies. Public cOoperation are in various fields. The technology to make the most of.

Examples of projects that Empire 2.0 The local government has started to New York and it is monitored Communications tournament. Of users inside social networks like Facebook in that case, the user. Potential is mental patients. Using online social games like Second Life in training the players have the knowledge to prevent adverse events initially.
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UK Navy Uses in The PSP Training.

Navy of the UK console Play Station Portable (PSP) in the training of military technicians.

The Gamers common would not be denied that the gaming experience and ideas to create various multi comforting to the UK Royal Navy thinks the same contractor after buying the game Play Station Portable (PSP) to a single stretch, more than 230 machines. A device used in training military machine of the PSP is installed with the software's military training is designed specifically thinking about bringing a PSP to the study of the military.
Because PSP is a more robust electronic devices, other electronic calls. And education from the PSP image better than any traditional school. Such as open book. Importance and made most of the military. That allowed the military to buy UMD discs, games, personal access to the PSP for gaming machines in time outside the classroom has.

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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB

PS 3 Slim - What Is It All About?

The PS3 Slim 120 GB is come with the great look. Its properties are black and very light which makes it attractive to a home theater system. Each appears with its new look and style, makes a great outlet impressed. It's also impressed with the additional resources these help people and say that is better than the original version of 2006.

The new PS3 Slim is 36% lighten and has 33% less space, which means that it is not as bulky and heavy as it was before. It is a stand the costs about $ 24, which can go with it, but many believe it should come with a stand in the price. The device has a fantastic real stability, making it more reliable and leads, and games. The connection is the same as the PS3 past of version, has only two USB 2.0 ports and 802.11b / g, without the project.

The BD ROM can be moved games for movies that are great news for all those on the disc scratched or damaged over already. The system has only 2 times faster and a lot of problems when loading games seems a long time to enjoy. A / C has no basis, and works as before, the cable still works with the PS2 and laptop. The power and eject buttons are where you replace the key of old tiny buttons. The disadvantage of this device is not part of a third, so disappointing that some people may be able to install.

The new PS3 Slim has less noise during games or movies. Its quiet there is an advantage over its competitors apart. The system is also a new form of lower energy, which means hours spent in a day actually costs less potential ... The player would only play Blu-ray in all the details and colors, but are charged most of the old system, so you will response the movies and even games and fast. The new style could be formatted to work with the remote control is good working, but may not be able to use the system so that, just once, after the Sony store, you do not use the menu there are some gaps use.

Everyone seems to love the new and improved for the PS3 Slim, love it the new style , brilliant and energy is saved, both environmentalists and parents rushing to pick them up. It `s quieter, lighter and takes up less space, making it an excellent addition to any home theater system. It `s stable and sustainable, so that game cannot be removed except preserves the openness of its business outside the system.

The only drawback is that it takes more time to play Blu-ray. However most don `t seem to care much, as professionals, the disadvantages, of course. Players will not be disappointed with the new design and new actors as their first system will be very impressed.

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5 Easy Steps to be New You in The New Year.

Every year at the time people on New Year's Resolutions ridiculous that never to end stick. Do not be one of those people. Here are 5 easy step to make you feel good!

1. Every day that not just you.

We are all busy, what we do every day and more often than not, we have little time for us. This year, make sure that each time little and each day just for you! Something as simple as walking in his reading, working and writing in your newspaper or your favorite drink tea. To make sure that thing in your daily life, the ordinary things that you take. It looks good to you!

2. Learn something new every month.

Change is good! It's easy to get bored with the same ID, and you know it, you'll find a huge bump! Drive to learn something new every month this year. You can learn a foreign language, or dance, ceramics, or other courses, they can learn to play guitar. To do something new, you'll feel better. .

3. Praise your nature.

You should, if nothing else, has a good job, I say no, then Pat themselves after big! Your success is important to make sure that you know and give something good when you reach a goal or achieve what you try for too long.

4. In the area of health in the new year.

Exercise is important and make you feel better when you are in good health. The less time to practice a week and try to eat healthy in the new year. There are thousands of different foods and have it all, if you suck. What I want is to be strongly regulated diet and a program, but I found that simply accepting that will help me eat healthy and exercise regularly. Here tips needed.

? Do you know what you eat and how much.
? Avoid fast food restaurants.
? Cut out snacks at night.
? Park Walks to shop in your area is not very good.
? If your TV does not squat or sit-ups, and not just sitting there eating popcorn.

5. Targets

Setting Targets are important, but make sure you set a goal to find. Instead of saying that there are twenty pounds this year, as this merely means that you are on a healthy diet and exercise work will be losers. The more you can reduce some fat. Monitor progresses and reward yourself for hitting the table movements and diet plan. Before you know it, you loose a few kilos too! It's simple and minimal damage to the finish, you can get real!

Fortunately, resolution and Happy New Year you.

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Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Neil Young, Prince and Bruce Springsteen will be competing for one award -- Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance, in the 2010 Grammy Awards. For complete list at www.Grammy.com

Final Nominations List 52nd Annual GRAMMY® Awards

For recordings released during the Eligibility Year October 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009

Record Of The Year

Halo - Beyoncé
Beyoncé Knowles & Ryan Tedder, producers; Jim Caruana, Mark "Spike" Stent & Ryan Tedder, engineers/mixers
Track from: I Am... Sasha Fierce
[Music World Music / Columbia]

I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas
David Guetta & Frederick Riesterer, producers; will.i.am, Dylan "3-D" Dresdow & Padraic "Padlock" Kerin, engineers/mixers

Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
Jacquire King & Angelo Petraglia, producers; Jacquire King, engineer/mixer
[RCA Records]

Poker Face - Lady Gaga
RedOne, producer; Robert Orton, RedOne & Dave Russell, engineers/mixers
Track from: The Fame

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
Nathan Chapman & Taylor Swift, producers; Chad Carlson & Justin Niebank, engineers/mixers
[Big Machine Records]

Album Of The Year

I Am... Sasha Fierce - Beyoncé
Shondrae "Mr. Bangledesh" Crawford, Ian Dench, D-Town, Toby Gad, Sean "The Pen" Garrett, Amanda Ghost, Jim Jonsin, Beyoncé Knowles, Rico Love, Dave McCracken, Terius "The Dream" Nash, Radio Killa, Stargate, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart,
Ryan Tedder & Wayne Wilkins, producers; Jim Caruana, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Toby Gad, Kuk Harrell, Jim Jonsin, Jaycen Joshua, Dave Pensado, Radio Killa, Mark
"Spike" Stent, Ryan Tedder, Brian "B-LUV" Thomas, Marcos Tovar, Miles Walker & Wayne Wilkins, engineers/mixers; Tom Coyne, mastering engineer
[Music World Music / Columbia]

The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas
Apl.de.ap, Jean Baptiste, Printz Board, DJ Replay, Funkagenda, David Guetta, Keith Harris, Mark Knight, Poet Name Life, Frederick Riesterer & will.i.am, producers; Dylan "3D" Dresdow, Padraic "Padlock" Kerin & will.i.am, engineers/mixers; Chris Bellman, mastering engineer
[Interscope Records]

The Fame - Lady Gaga
Flo Rida, Colby O'Donis & Space Cowboy, featured artists; Brian & Josh, Rob Fusari, Martin Kierszenbaum, RedOne & Space Cowboy, producers; 4Mil, Robert Orton, RedOne, Dave Russell & Tony Ugval, engineers/mixers; Gene Grimaldi, mastering engineer

Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King - Dave Matthews Band
Rob Cavallo, producer; Chris Lord-Alge & Doug McKean, engineers/mixers; Ted Jensen, mastering engineer
[RCA Records / Bama Rags Recordings, LLC.]

Fearless - Taylor Swift
Colbie Caillat, featured artist; Nathan Chapman & Taylor Swift, producers; Chad Carlson, Nathan Chapman & Justin Niebank, engineers/mixers; Hank Williams, mastering engineer
[Big Machine Records]

Song Of The Year

Poker Face - Lady Gaga & RedOne, songwriters (Lady Gaga)
Track from: The Fame
[Streamline/Interscope/Konlive/Cherrytree; Publishers: Stefani Germanotta p/k/a Lady Gaga, Sony/ATV Songs/House of Gaga Publishing/GloJoe Music, Sony/ATV Songs/RedOne Productions.]

Pretty Wings - Hod David & Musze, songwriters (Maxwell)
Track from: Blacksummers' Night
[Columbia; Publishers: Sony/ATV Tunes/Muszewell, EMI April Music, Ben Ami Music.]

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Thaddis Harrell, Beyoncé Knowles, Terius Nash & Christopher Stewart, songwriters (Beyoncé)
Track from: I Am... Sasha Fierce
[Music World Music / Columbia; Publishers: Songs of Peer/March 9th Publishing, 2082 Music/WB Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Tunes, Suga Wuga Music, B-Day Publishing/EMI April Music.]

Use Somebody - Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill, songwriters (Kings Of Leon)
[RCA Records; Publishers: Martha Street Music/Songs of Combustion Music/Music of Windswept, Followill Music/Songs of Combustion Music/Music of Windswept, McFearless Music/Bug Music, Coffee, Tea or Me Publishing/Bug Music.]

You Belong With Me - Liz Rose & Taylor Swift, songwriters (Taylor Swift)
Track from: Fearless
[Big Machine Records; Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing, Taylor Swift Music/Potting Shed Music, Barbara Orbison World Publishing.]



New Super Mario Bros
I have been playing video games since the Atari 2600, and was a kid during the Nintendo Entertainment System era. Some of my fondest memories involve one iconic set of characters: Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Princess Peach. Over the years, games have changed (some changes for the good, and others...Not so much), but I love that the Mario series have stayed true to their roots. Every Mario game that I can think of has stood the test of time, and has served as a model to countless other games. However, despite being one of the best game franchises around, one component was always missing: multiplayer. Sure, previous SMB games had a "2 player" option, but all you were able to do pass around the same joystick, or take turns using 2 joysticks. The idea of 2 characters on screen at the same time seemed strangely impossible for these games... And why Nintendo wasn't able to make this happen sooner than 2009 boggles the mind. However, having spent 7 or 8 hours playing New Super Mario Bros yesterday, I don't care why, or how they were able to do finally it...Because this game is an absolute blast to play!

When the game starts, you start to get an idea of just how great this game is going to be... Especially if you have played Super Mario games before (and cmon...Who hasn't?!?). Everything looks very familiar, but in a good way. The game really feels like they took some of the best ideas, bosses, levels, and music from each of the Mario games and retooled them for NSMB Wii (New Super Mario Bros Wii). In fact, it feels mostly like Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3 rolled into one, with a little bit of Super Mario Galaxy thrown in as well... And that, my friends, is an AWESOME combination! Like I mentioned earlier...I have played hundreds...Maybe thousands of video games in my time. And this game rank right up there with the best of them. It is, in my humble opinion, on par with Super Mario Bros 3, which has been rated by numerous gaming cites as the best game of all time. Playing the game for the first time, there were lots of "oohs and ahhs," plenty of mischievous giggles, lots of punching and name calling (see multiplayer), and even several times where one of us paused the game just to point out how great this game is. I hate to gush over this game, but it really is a work of art. It's easily one best game, I have ever played, and certainly one of the best available on Wii.

Here is my personal rating for the game:

Gameplay: 10/10
Presentation: 9/10
Sound/Music: 9/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Difficulty: 10/10
Lasting Appeal: 9/10
Overall: 10/10

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