New York tests emergency warning system through a network of Xbox Live.

While on offense suddenly of these terrorists, the explosion of nuclear disaster and the world after that, the progression of the virus, disaster is not new to the game hands out the Mercedes, but that how they were not. Has actually occurred. Outside the fence behind home. However lasting week the last game, the New York broker Merrill to recognize such an event (if it actually happens) who was the first notification from the New York State government agencies in the United States.

Local governments from New York to take pot experiments Inc. notifications warning that severe destruction through official channels that think "should" have used the group to recognize messaging that direct and quickest goal. Main groups is those young people take on the screen gaming network that is not Xbox Live, PSN, Wii to recognize the impending danger or disaster before one occurs.

In this issue directly with those responsible for Mr. Rico Singleton, information and public relations representative of the local authorities gave the New York State. Interviews origin of the concept plans that result from this consideration. Take the virtual world of their youth and to promote national alerts. Many important events. Through a channel that is the youth allowance they receive knowledge and preparation. Dealing with such events immediately.

The network manager at Microsoft, Sony and a New Tech Dole himself out to support the idea that this full and ready to do. Warning broadcast on the network itself immediately if notification is incredible. Hold by government agencies, really.

However, Singleton did not give interviews about any details. Additional, but he stressed again that the projects that will actually take place. And is in the first test. And projects that are only 1 in projection technology initiatives of Empire 2.0 of the New York State Local Government needs to provide the public and agencies. Public cOoperation are in various fields. The technology to make the most of.

Examples of projects that Empire 2.0 The local government has started to New York and it is monitored Communications tournament. Of users inside social networks like Facebook in that case, the user. Potential is mental patients. Using online social games like Second Life in training the players have the knowledge to prevent adverse events initially.

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