Wii Selling 9 Million in Japan, The PS3 Sales than 4 Million.

Enterbrain revealed that on December 13 the past. Total sales the Nintendo Wii in Japan exceeded. 9 million units, while PlayStation 3 is already more than 4 million units.

Enterbrain reveals that sale of the Nintendo Wii sold only in Japan, made all possible 9,048,012 machine then.Since sending the markets since December. 2006 earlier in September last himself revealed that Nintendo's Wii selling in markets around the world all over. 56 million already.

For PlayStation 3 is selling in Japan at all. 4,020,563 machines. The overall circulation throughout the world would be. 27 million. Additionally, New Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo recently sent to the distributors selling to do. 1,401,558 copies sold since its launch in mid ago.

More Info: GameSpot

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