Logitech Cordless Vantage Headset for Playstation 3

Product Description


  • Patented, behind-the-head design: Play in comfort--fits left or right ear.Convenience

  • Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear, intelligible conversation and voice commands.

  • Rechargeable batteries: Delivers more than 12 hours of play time. The headset charges via USB or the included wall adapter.

  • Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate): Provides complete cordless freedom up to 30 feet.

  • Customer Reviews

     Good But Not Great
    In using the Logitech Wireless Vantage headset with my PS3 over the past 6 months I'm happy with the performance of the unit though I believe that improvements are needed with the design.

    First the good; the Vantage is well built out of sturdy plastics that feel "right". I've inadvertently dropped the unit on a few occasions without any problems or damage. The ear piece is comfortable enough to use during extended periods of online gaming and offers a crisp, clear sound. The microphone though somewhat short (mine only reaches to my cheek) picks up my voice while canceling most background noise. This is the major advantage of this headset; as anyone who has played online games can attest to the annoyance of heavy breathing and constant static being transmitted over games. At least using the Vantage you won't "be that guy." Another major advantage of the unit is the 12 hour battery life. While I can't say that I've ever timed the unit to see if the claim is true. I often go several days or even a week without charging the unit with almost daily use. When the unit does need to be charged, I've found that a quick 30- 45 minute connection to the included charger adapter is sufficient for a full charge.

    A few problems with the overall design and ergonomics of the Vantage keep me from giving it a better rating. The primary problem is with the headsets actual headband. It's made of a somewhat soft, pliable plastic but is completely unadjustable. Logitech decided to rely solely on the flexibility of the plastic band. Unfortunately that could make the unit troublesome for anyone with a smaller or larger than average head. Additionally I've found that the location of the headband coupled with the weight of ear piece can become uncomfortable. That can be somewhat offset by the fact that the headset can be quickly switched to the opposite ear. Another issue with the design of the headband is that it is very uncomfortable to use with eyeglasses due to the location of the headband. In fact, I'd strongly advise anyone who uses eyeglasses to stay away from this headset.

    I've read at least one review here at Amazon that claims the Vantage interferes with the Sony SIXAXIS or Dualshock 3 controllers. I'm happy to report that I've never once experienced interference of any sort with this headset. Also, besides the first initial pairing of the headset to my PS3 I've never had to repeat the process.

    As I stated previously, the Vantage is a strong performer with some aesthetic and ergonomic flaws that keep it from being great.  
      great product!
    This was everything I wanted in the headset. It is very convenient. I don't have to deal with any wire and its adjustments are very flexible. You can put it in either ear and adjust the mic lower or higher to get it closer to your mouth. Very expensive, but its still worth it if you could afford it. 

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