New Xbox360 sales surpass Wii.

Release Info gaming market worldwide sales down 6%, while the Xbox360 version of the new ratings climb ahead Wii.

NPD information sold game in June, the past was that Red Dead Redemption made sales of up to 582,900 sheets for Xbox 360 and another 380,300 pages for Play station 3 the total publishing Red Dead Redemption sold up to 963,200 sheets. Decrease from May to sell up to 1.5 million copies, it is considered a game that had revenues of the best games of the first half of 2010.

While the Xbox360 version if it successfully slash beat Wii by climbing ratings came in No. 1 which sold 451,700 and 422,500 machine respectively Nintendo dominating the number one with sales 510,070 machine followed by the PS3 304,800 computer and PSP 121,000. All this machine show that June game industry, despite the problems with the console sales increased 5% and accessories increased 6% but the overall gaming market, down 6% or approximately $ 1.1 billion. However expectations that the garden at the half years later. Gaming markets will be back active again. Because of the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony to be interesting for consumers.
                          Source: GameSpot

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