Cut-off prices Nintendo DSi, start selling on September 12.

On Monday past. Nintendo announced cut-off price of portable Nintendo DSi and DSi XL.

By on September 12 Fans of the New Nintendo console will be able to buy the Nintendo DSi portable at only 149.99 U.S.dollars only, regular price 169.99 U.S.dollars. There is a price adjustment model of Nintendo DSi XL 189.99 U.S.dollars left only 169.99 U.S.dollars
While the Nintendo DS Lite version is still the same price is 129.99 U.S.dollars.

In June lasted. New Nintendo is selling DS game in the series up to 510,000 units. While lasts month. Sell only 398,000 units, that could be one reason that makes the decision to discounted price in this time.

The representative from New Nintendo has added another that Price reduction for the DSi this, consumers will get something worth more than the price down to absolutely

Source : CNET, Pantip

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