Sony sued to stop sales of PS3 Jailbreak.

Sony has successfully filed a court request to stop the pre-sell PS3 Jailbreak temporarily.
The PlayStation 3 to run the software's PS Jailbreak. When the PS Jailbreak devices or USB Dongle is connected to the machine console via USB port and is installed you can copy and play games from your hard disk. However such acts are not allowed direct from Sony is the jurisdiction of a court action filed by federal Australia. Recently the federal court of Australia has been notified to the Agency supplier CE Nick's Famous, several countries that will stop the sale and distribution equipment called PS Jailbreak that has become available. Once a week ago and temporarily. The document specified that the court order. This injunction will apply until full consideration in the decision official this Tuesday.
This applies both in Australia and other countries that supply these dealers with the Quantronics Australia A third list of companies in a court document filed by the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment Australia is now working temporarily stop the sale and then. By the state that "no stock" but still the details of the devices on the same site.
While PSJailbreak.com. No mention of the Order of Australia come out on Friday last at all. The channel device such Quantronics addition, there are websites ModSupplier.com and OzModChips.com too.

Source: CNET
Image:  Pantip

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