StarCraft II to shake the game industry. Just first month sold three million copies.

Another phenomenon of the games industry on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty became a game with millions of players around the world want to own. 

Report from sales of Blizzard game StarCraft II author reveals that while the company has already sold the game to 3 million copies are sold from North America, Europe, Russia, South Korea, Australia and other countries.

The flow of the hot resulting game is only sold in first day sales of a million copies successfully. And sold the five hundred copies on the second day. That is why the game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty game that takes place quickly and sold to be crowned the best selling PC games this year.

Blizzard said, delighted with the response received from those players. And ready to be defects that occur in the game to improve. Which is expected to launch downloadable patch to fix the game Allianz is the first time, this month.

The game will be updated several sites together. Which still focus on competitive gaming mostly But will add fun features to those gamers with social features like interactive discussion that will allow these players week in creativity in the game more enjoyable.

Source : TechSpot, Pantip

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