Video Games Sales Downfalls 10 Percent

Revealed sales of video games downfalls 10 percent 

In the last month, is in the top of bad for business circles video games again by in sales in the business video games on the whole in August, the criteria are among the lowest in the past 4 years.

The income from the sales games and a video game console in August, low-income in the 818.9 million dollars which it had fallen about 10 percent compared with the same period in the year before. If Division revenue in accordance with the type of business video game software has been in the 403.5 million dollars which it had fallen 14 percent of the month of August this year 2009, with a game madden NFL 11 out of the camp EA on the altar to rank number one of the top of the best-seller as the sales more than 1.8 million, with Happy or an increase of 6 percent from last year in the month with the launch of the business video game hardware found that a total revenue in the 828.5 million dollars or agreement. 5 percent from last year, the same with 360 Xbox occupies the first time in two months with annual sales of 356,700 units, while Wii sales of only 244,300 units, which held that are among the lowest since the launch of the year 2006, when November

Source : CNET

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