Good News! Halo Fans

Good news Halo game fans  will meet with the new sector, every year

There were rumoring that the report came out. The Microsoft Corporate will develop a new game Halo sector to desired the Halo Game disciple regularly every year.
The game Halo fans will not have to be patient waiting at a new sector of the Halo game over a year from now, because of recent Phil Spencer Corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios director came out to interview with IGN recently. The team has decided to increase the frequency plan for a new game development sector to the Halo series of games hitting the market faster. He said that We have set aside the Plan. Halo games will be sending out a new sector on a regular basis, every year. Because we are of the opinion that the 3 year period that the game sector's new Halo will be out hitting the market during the previous is too long by Spencer also added that "In fact, Microsoft itself is not necessary. to do this. However the company recognizes the importance of the need for gamers to enjoy. Please of the game continued without interruption by the Halo gamer introduction several years ago.

The few games that have been contenting relevant to the plan of the battle or Real-time strategy, including the game Halo Wars out hitting the market in February 2009, followed by Halo 3: ODST in September the same year, and Halo: Reach that come out to hitting the market recently ago.

Source : CNET

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