Planet Michael

Planet Michael: King of Pop Life Game Prepared to Play on the PC within Next Year

Good news for fans. Still thinking about a song from the King of Pop Michael Jackson. When SEE Virtual Worlds announced the opening the game online. Theme of the great singers life is the name game that planet Michael by is scheduled to be open to touch, within the next year and only play on the PC. It is also said to be open to play for free. The nonprofit as well. This not only opens to play only on sites only It can also be played through from Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Website explained, details of the game that "Inspiration of the world was created by king of pop music have alive with his heart, which is the art. So, you've come to the outstanding role in the world of Michael. That is available for you to be closely with new friends and old friends. With Magic of his music is based on the main terms that Love and Peace " or if they are talking simple short game is ready to accommodate a large number of players. Whether played from a PC. Or online community website. Like in the land of Neverland with Michael Jackson as we know it has a full that Michael Joseph Jackson was born on 29 August 1958, the time past, he is a singer, an entertainer American who have been the most popular, so much that they have been named the king of pop, which had been Guinness world records written that he is the entertainment that successful most forever before he died in the June 25 , 2009

Source : TechSpot

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