Good October For Xbox 360

Xbox 360 250GB Console
Microsoft reveals October was a good month for the Xbox 360.

Although in the past October. Overview of the video game business will sluggish. The growth rated, was reducing 4 percent, but in those that To be a good time for Microsoft. It cans bring Xbox 360 console to be ahead of the competition. A period of five consecutive

The Microsoft have recently revealed that in the past 5 months. Xbox 360 consoles sold included ahead of the competition. Both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, by Xbox 360 sold up to 325,000 units in past October, which was representing 30 percent of last year. And when compared to this year found a growth rate up to 34 percent. However, the top revenue in month is the hardware of the Nintendo DS. By the NPD and Nintendo both refused to discuss any sales. By Microsoft to go well in the business software game. Although the NBA 2K11 of 2K Sports company is that overwhelm in the software market. However Microsoft was able to push Fable III has sold up to 580,000 copies within a month easily.
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Kinect hacked

Microsoft's Kinect controller has been hacking after to sell as just a few days.

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!Kinect controller code has been produced that makes it doable to use the computer more than the Xbox game console. The group behind hacks eager to use device in schools and art projects to help human-robot interactions. Microsoft has said are not satisfied with the modifications informal happened to Gadget's control system. Trying to cut control system for gadget Kinect by electronic combination 4 November Adafruit date announcements will pay $ 1000 for the first person that produce the software controlling Kinect. It's like upped to $ 3000 following comments from Microsoft that it did not forgive the reverse engineering of controlling the movement of it.

Microsoft to statement in the BBC “the Xbox 360 for the control has not yet been Kinect hacked "What happens to people who have made drivers that allow other devices to communicate with the Xbox 360 Kinect for, the creation of these drivers and your Xbox 360 with Kinect for other device does not support" MS added: "We strongly recommend the customers apply for Xbox 360 Kinect with their Xbox 360 to get the best experience possible."

Adafruit contest is up to Google Group dedicated to open source Kinect that there are about 400 members. Many people who have started their own video posts using the Apple Kinect and multi touch interface. The work is in progress of the driver that is compatible with Windows computers. In blog, Adafruit said: expect to see Kinect start to be used in any type of much more than just gaming It said that it will be how to interact with the robot or the installation art. Kinect interesting to robotcists amateur because the retail price is about $129 is lower than the cost of monitoring the movement of similar complexity

Mr. Martin said: "he will share the cash prize with the other hackers to help him get Linux drivers. He said that work continuously to improve control system to the comparable as one used by Xbox"

The contest, the second open source Kinect has now started also supported by the Google engineer Matt Cuts, he will give you $1000 to anyone that produced what he see the coolest project source is $1000 prize on Kinect are separate, with team building tools that will make it easier to use Kinect on Linux
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The Kinect Star Wars coming out next Chrismas 2011

All discussed concerning E3 the Kinect game continues to be a year of release.

The trailer of the short game at E3, but it was only an idea of the Jedi movement controlled, sending your fingertips than most enough Star Wars Kinect tension device detects, motion and Microsoft should be doing. Unluckily, Microsoft said that the game in a Galaxy very, very far and will not coming out until Christmas 2011.

Kudo Tsunoda The Kinect’s creative Director to interview with the BBC Newsbeat confirmed that it is always a good year ahead of the LucasArts developed exclusively for Xbox 360.

We have a Star war Kinect out for the holiday of the upcoming game [Christmas 2011], Tsunoda says "you would simple to imagine to be a Jedi and use the Kinect to make you feel part of a Star War experience building itself a reflection of the Jedi. I saw a lot of game and is super attractive.

The Kinect Star Wars, which made a brief appearance from Cirque du Soleil odd Microsoft "project Natal Experience" event and, before the official E3 presser KINECTS. In both cases, demonstrated in a battle of the war galaxy game showed and a third person controlled Jadi by Kinect. It seemed to be an on rail action game, with players brandish a light saber and force powers waving arms.
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Kinect Force Ahead Competitors

IDC estimates sales Kinect. Forces may be ahead of competitors during the long weekend coming.

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!IDC estimates that the gaming device controlled independently from the Microsoft camp called Kinect. May become hot sellers as possible. Revenue ahead of its competitors gaming devices from Sony's PlayStation Move camp easily. During the long weekend coming.

Earlier in the company research conducted a survey form gamer more than 750 people, the survey revealed that the whether unpredictable that Microsoft Product Sales is likely to have more to their own 2.5-3 million units within the first quarter, 4 different from the game from the camp rivals that may be sold only 2-2.25 billion, compared the same period which part of the opinions in the survey came from the many families in America are usually spending their free in the game for strengthening the relationship more game machines Kinect is scheduled for sale in the day Thursday to it equipment resell the permission for the player can control its actions in the game. Through the movement of the body instead of the control of the joystick, Sony in pushing PlayStation move out of the market is trying to bring technologies such as PlayStation eye camera and move controller came together with the open, in September.

PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move BundleRecently, Sony has announced that it will be Some marketers equipment, played a game PlayStation move in North America and Latin America to the extent of 1 million units. Respectively, It seems that the gaming device of the two camps would probably require more time than would be announced while challenger to the market in a Nintendo Wii with confidence. Although now that Nin Ten Do the state will suffer sales slump Japanese game company, but also strengthen our leadership came out with the announcement of sales of gaming devices Wii Remotes as possible to 65.3 million units since its launch in 2006.
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Nintendo not yet Cut Price Game Console

Wii Hardware Bundle - BlackNintendo did not think that will cut price game console, recently. Even to meet with situation of sales slump.

Although, now the Japanese game company Nintendo have been facing problems in the sales game console Wii decrease, but to a company that is still in its commitment to keep selling price for a console, which is the main strategy for the market with more attractive to customers.
Mr. Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo said. "We cannot say that the announced sale of game consoles will never happen, but certainly announced sale will not happen soon indeed. In addition, we also plan to focus on the more attractive to customers" Iwata believes that the best way to succeed. Besides classic equipment game console is white and black to distribute, the company also plans to release a game kit Limited Editions to celebrate the anniversary of 25 years with Super Mario Bros game. In  the game equipment is to be established price is 200 US dollars and is scheduled to be released on November 7 arriving by the kits will include Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports, nunchuk bright red color that is symbol of Mario, along with Super Mario Bros game.

Xbox 360 250GB ConsoleHowever, that will be the announced the reduction price or selling its products in a package, Nintendo is also necessary to find other ways to push the sales volume of a game console Wii to a patient, and when the April to September, Nintendo made the sales volume of console game of their own the 4.97 million, less than the same period last year, the sales to 5.75 million units, which is not different from DS, with sales decreased in this has resulted in the past, the company had not lost income to more than 24.6 million US dollars, it seems that the problem of Nintendo now seemed to cross with Microsoft once of rivals, when the company market research NPD report that Xbox 360 can make the sales have increased to 34% has resulted in September, it has become a game console, which is the top of the best-selling it.
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Nintendo Wii, DS sales fall drastically.

Nintendo have to put up with the critically for more than six months after the sales of both Wii and DS game consoles, dropped drastically.
Wii with Wii Sports Resort - Black

Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / BlackBy the company had lost income more than 2.01 billion yen or about 24.6 million dollars throughout the past six months ended in late September. By a decrease in profit from the same period last year, which is that profit about 69.5 billion yen with revenue in the past 6 months of Nintendo is at 363 billion yen decrease from the year 2009 with income in the 548 billion yen by Nintendo has sold Nintendo DS at 6.69 million units in the 6 months ago, while in the year 2009 worldwide sales of Nintendo DS in the 11.7 million units, although Nintendo will have the affect of the decrease in recent years, but there is to hear in good news, in during the shopping season at the end of this year, the distribution of Nintendo will be increased. Due to the yen Currency appreciation.
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Zynga Squeeze EA

Business values of the Zynga game Company, through 5.51 billion US dollars to squeeze seniors' EA fall into Second

Talking about Zynga Company many people would not be familiar to much. But if I say a company that developed the planters life or Farmville game on Face Book, it would be acquainted, with the most popularity of Face Book combined with the increased continuously, so now, Zynga Game Network has business value of the market to 5.51 billion US dollars. Ahead of a senior game company as well known as electronic arts fell, and was second with the value of the business market with 5.16 billion US dollars, followed by Activision Blizzard company is a combination of the three companies named as a popular game like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty back to the market value is only 13.9 billion dollars.

It seems that the leading companies in each side to compare, will not be accurate or not fair, but anyway it shows that the growth of online games on the social leap forward with the rise continuously, allowing the company game that was not familiar with the name Zynga to initiate for four years has become the sixth in the 10 applications on the Facebook has been the most popular has resulted in the play more than 210 million people in each month. Expected value of the Zynga business is increasing, it was due to growth of the play virtual reality that a sense can enjoy and have fun playing, allowing the company has a value-added up to 1.6 billion US dollars in the year, which is now quite was not only the Zynga services of the game with virtual reality, but also a seniors' EA, trying to compete in the market after to acquire Playfish Company at the end of last year.
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PSP Go $199

PSPgo - Piano Black
Sony has announced reduce prices of portable game consoles PSP Go from the regular price $249 dollars to only $199 dollars

By the reduction in prices of PSP go consoles to this result, the PSP go price is different from Nintendo DSi XL only 30 dollars and higher prices than Nintendo  DSi consoles $50 dollars and Nintendo DSi Lite $70 dollars respectively.

The PSP Go portable game console device that is not the disc slot but will have internal hard disk drive 16 GB and players can download the full game, add-ons, free demo, cartoons, favorites movie and TV shows, from PlayStation store via Wi-Fi that comes with the unit.

Which is decision reduced the price of Sony. Due to sales growth rate is rather slow in the later period. In August lasts PSP sales of just 79,400 unit different from the same month in 2009, these sales of more than doubled in the 140,300 units.

While the DS platform of Nintendo still a growth rate of growth that has been strongly in August, with sales of more than 342,000 units ever.
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