PSP Go $199

PSPgo - Piano Black
Sony has announced reduce prices of portable game consoles PSP Go from the regular price $249 dollars to only $199 dollars

By the reduction in prices of PSP go consoles to this result, the PSP go price is different from Nintendo DSi XL only 30 dollars and higher prices than Nintendo  DSi consoles $50 dollars and Nintendo DSi Lite $70 dollars respectively.

The PSP Go portable game console device that is not the disc slot but will have internal hard disk drive 16 GB and players can download the full game, add-ons, free demo, cartoons, favorites movie and TV shows, from PlayStation store via Wi-Fi that comes with the unit.

Which is decision reduced the price of Sony. Due to sales growth rate is rather slow in the later period. In August lasts PSP sales of just 79,400 unit different from the same month in 2009, these sales of more than doubled in the 140,300 units.

While the DS platform of Nintendo still a growth rate of growth that has been strongly in August, with sales of more than 342,000 units ever.

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