Zynga Squeeze EA

Business values of the Zynga game Company, through 5.51 billion US dollars to squeeze seniors' EA fall into Second

Talking about Zynga Company many people would not be familiar to much. But if I say a company that developed the planters life or Farmville game on Face Book, it would be acquainted, with the most popularity of Face Book combined with the increased continuously, so now, Zynga Game Network has business value of the market to 5.51 billion US dollars. Ahead of a senior game company as well known as electronic arts fell, and was second with the value of the business market with 5.16 billion US dollars, followed by Activision Blizzard company is a combination of the three companies named as a popular game like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty back to the market value is only 13.9 billion dollars.

It seems that the leading companies in each side to compare, will not be accurate or not fair, but anyway it shows that the growth of online games on the social leap forward with the rise continuously, allowing the company game that was not familiar with the name Zynga to initiate for four years has become the sixth in the 10 applications on the Facebook has been the most popular has resulted in the play more than 210 million people in each month. Expected value of the Zynga business is increasing, it was due to growth of the play virtual reality that a sense can enjoy and have fun playing, allowing the company has a value-added up to 1.6 billion US dollars in the year, which is now quite was not only the Zynga services of the game with virtual reality, but also a seniors' EA, trying to compete in the market after to acquire Playfish Company at the end of last year.

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