PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

Sony expects to offer a guerrilla Games' with a rifle at $ 40. Forecast released in February. Which is designed to be used as the shooter like Killzone 3.

First-person shooter games guerrilla will be used to highlight a number of recent Sony PlayStation 3. In addition to the technology support for 3D. To move the motion controller - sensing, and shows New Move Sharp Shooter Add - on.

Move Sharp Shooter similar to the Nintendo Wii Zapper. The main held to move the controller and navigation sub-set controller and shapes (Sony has already released with Move Shooting, shell pistol as storage controller Move for shooter arcade style. But not allow for navigation controller.) Sharp Shooter is compatible with existing games such as Time Crisis: Storm of the demolition. As well as the upcoming title, including socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals and Dead Space: Extraction.

For fans who like Killzone form of conventional controller. Sony has released a new Jungle Green color controller with the green front and black backing feature on Sony DualShock 3 at $ 55 on February.

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