Resident Evil 6 Old Fulfill New

Resident Evil series is a trademark of the industries most beloved video game. From its origins as a symbol of survival horror, its evolution in a shooting game in its own right, export beloved in Japan continues to thrive in a market increasingly diversified. Spanning the course of more than 16 years, Resident Evil has sold over 50 million units, it has expanded beyond the field of video games and comics, fiction, live action films and generated computer, collection, and is now a household name, the world's largest, East and West.

Such success could only be made possible by a combination of adaptability and consistency. Although seemingly opposing underwent a series of more than a decade and a half to face a unique challenge for the fans of it, we must maintain a certain level is still true with people familiar supporters, while keeping the experience with fresh innovation. This duality has introduced two distinct subsets of resident evil fans who embrace the full horror zombie aesthetic, classical, resonator and even more so with a combination of action / shooting is reflected in the following sections.

Generally there are two types of resident evil fans, the survival of old school horror film buff who has been strongly expected to return the franchise to a single moment of terror, when all he has is a crowd of zombies, not monsters, parasites explosions to scare the crap out of you. Other groups are totally connected with elements of the action was later honored with the titles, including weapons and gameplay quickly. While it is easy to discuss the collective agreement which is completely separate awareness is never clear cut. In fact, the overwhelming loyalty to a melody on the other end is probably common. As with most issues in two directions, most of them located at the poles of the pole, but in the middle, a group of two.

The latest addition to the series, Resident Evil 6, can change enough to satisfy both parties and all others. Capcom has clearly absorbed fans input on both sides of the barrier with the inclusion of zombies, the characters returning, new enemy types, and body fluid, dynamic game play. Players can choose from three plots (a Wednesday campaign is unlocked), each reflecting a different aspect in the spectrum of Resident Evil.

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