Nintendo 3DS Transporter Case

Nintendo 3DS Transporter Case was an attractive and available durable closure flap to secure your Nintendo can keep it with you anywhere. There is a many slot to store Nintendo 3DS Game Cards. In addition, it is suitable for every Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL systems.

his Transporter Case for the Nintendo 3DS system is features an interesting durable included flap closure and external zippered pocket for accessories. Also provide carrying handle ideal to bring your system with you regardless where you're going. Inside of Transporter Case, there are a lot of room to store Nintendo 3DS Game Cards up to 40 items as well as your Nintendo 3DS system.  3DS Transporter Case  Transporter Case suitable with all Nintendo DS series as Lite, DSi and  Nintendo DS  systems.

Product Features
- Case maintains your Nintendo 3DS system.
- Carrying handle for easy transport.
- Stores up to 40 Nintendo 3DS Game Cards along with accessories.
- Suitable for any Nintendo DS Lite systems, Nintendo DSi as well as Nintendo DSi XL .
- Nintendo 3DS games, system, and accessories sold separately.

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