Nintendo Universal Transporter Carrying Case

DSi/DS Lite Nintendo Universal transporter make you have a good times with close friend, this Carrying Case functionality of the Nintendo DS that is two rooms prepare for battle head towards finding a room to suit you. 2 Nintendo 3DS, besides the system of Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL and the Nintendo DS Lite, in addition to a maximum of 20 cards, and accessories. Would be nice to know that you can maintain a list of facilities, printed on the local programming of all, it is besides infinity, the icon of the phone seems to be the organization of the storage space of all access is included. I tend to use a removable shoulder strap and comfortable to carry all the gear game.

Product Features

- Sturdy nylon bag with shoulder strap stores, Available in Black, Pink, Cobalt Blue and Teal.
- Two zippered rooms supply easy access to extra storage space for accessories.
- Supports up to 2 Nintendo DSi or DS Lite systems and 20 game cards
- Packages and carries essential game gear.

Product Description
Carry multiple systems and more with the protection of international organizations transporter this Nintendo DS Lite & DSi, and storage in a slim carrying case that can be accessed. In the game on more than one system, to store up to 20 games accessories, extra, easy access zipper two! Handy print icon shows that store each essential item in the box. A convenient shoulder strap provides a portable. Is organized, in the car in the air, get ready to play at home and traveling with Nintendo Universal Transporter Carrying Case.

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