Final Fantasy XIII Made Selling Up. 1 Million Copies in First Day.

After selling just sent the game Final Fantasy XIII in Japan late last week. Also revealed that selling game Final Fantasy XIII on the first day that more than 1 million copies already.

The Square Enix has announced that period. 24 hours after sending the game sold in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII to that. Circulation of the game in Japan made it to more than 1 million copies already. Square Enix, which sent the game to shop more representative. 1.8 million copies already. However not to sell games that are set with the players or PlayStation 3 game bundle special.

The game is Final Fantasy XIII in Japan will only platform available for the PlayStation 3, but U.S. and European markets will be sent in with Xbox 360 platform, which is scheduled for release on March 9, 2010. For PlayStation 3 is selling in Japan at all. 4,020,563 machines. The overall circulation throughout the world would be. 27 million.

Additionally, New Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo recently sent to the distributors selling to do. 1,401,558 copies sold since its launch in mid ago.

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