Modern Warfare 2 Most Pirated Game of 2009

In view of the records in the entertainment industry broken Modern Warfare 2, it is natural that the FPS hit was also very popular among hackers. TorrentFreak collected data from various sources, including reports ranged from public BitTorrent trackers, and Infinity Ward's military shooter like most of the streams Game of the Year in 2009.

With 4.1 billion unauthorized downloads of the PC version, but Modern Warfare 2 is distributed twice the "winner last year," Spore. The "representation" is remarkable considering that MW2 was Released on 10 November, during which won that second title, The Sims 3, was five months ago, 2 Published in June and 3.2 million downloads accumulated.

Other "members" include prototype with 2.35 million (published in June 2009), the need for the change in velocity to 2.1 billion euros (published in September 2009) and Street Fighter IV released with 1.85 Downloads million (July 2009). MW2 was also the Xbox 360 pirated games, while New Super Mario Bros. Was the most popular torrent Wii.

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