Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB

PS 3 Slim - What Is It All About?

The PS3 Slim 120 GB is come with the great look. Its properties are black and very light which makes it attractive to a home theater system. Each appears with its new look and style, makes a great outlet impressed. It's also impressed with the additional resources these help people and say that is better than the original version of 2006.

The new PS3 Slim is 36% lighten and has 33% less space, which means that it is not as bulky and heavy as it was before. It is a stand the costs about $ 24, which can go with it, but many believe it should come with a stand in the price. The device has a fantastic real stability, making it more reliable and leads, and games. The connection is the same as the PS3 past of version, has only two USB 2.0 ports and 802.11b / g, without the project.

The BD ROM can be moved games for movies that are great news for all those on the disc scratched or damaged over already. The system has only 2 times faster and a lot of problems when loading games seems a long time to enjoy. A / C has no basis, and works as before, the cable still works with the PS2 and laptop. The power and eject buttons are where you replace the key of old tiny buttons. The disadvantage of this device is not part of a third, so disappointing that some people may be able to install.

The new PS3 Slim has less noise during games or movies. Its quiet there is an advantage over its competitors apart. The system is also a new form of lower energy, which means hours spent in a day actually costs less potential ... The player would only play Blu-ray in all the details and colors, but are charged most of the old system, so you will response the movies and even games and fast. The new style could be formatted to work with the remote control is good working, but may not be able to use the system so that, just once, after the Sony store, you do not use the menu there are some gaps use.

Everyone seems to love the new and improved for the PS3 Slim, love it the new style , brilliant and energy is saved, both environmentalists and parents rushing to pick them up. It `s quieter, lighter and takes up less space, making it an excellent addition to any home theater system. It `s stable and sustainable, so that game cannot be removed except preserves the openness of its business outside the system.

The only drawback is that it takes more time to play Blu-ray. However most don `t seem to care much, as professionals, the disadvantages, of course. Players will not be disappointed with the new design and new actors as their first system will be very impressed.

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