Sony Partners with Panasonic Blu-ray manufacturing capacity 66.8GB.

Blu-ray technology has been upgraded again from these manufacturers. In this capacity exceeding 33.4 GB to 1 page.

Although Blu-ray technology is still not widespread and many users. However these owners, product manufacturers Sony and Panasonic are still developing their product and most recently continued with the introduction of Blue-ray disc capacity and more than 66.8 GB with 33.4 GB divided into 1 pages from the original work. Only 25 GB as well just upgrade this development the user does not need to upgrade hardware. Of self increases again with just upgrading the software settings software system or Firmware only technology used in the production of Blue-ray disk capacity is called the new i-MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation), which is. Technology that can read data on discs with capacity without error.

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