Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Technical Details

  • The powerful, dual-motor force feedback mechanism with helical gearing smoothly and accurately simulates traction loss
  • Six-speed shifter with push-down reverse gear allows you to quickly choose exactly the right gear.
  • RPM/shift indicator LEDs integrate with racing game software to indicate when the user should shift gears.
  • Realistic 11-Inch wheel with leather-wrapped rim provides a more comfortable, true-to-life racing experience for hours on end.
  • Steel gas, brake, and clutch pedals deliver precise throttle, braking, and shifting control for heightened realism.
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Description

A simulator-grade racing wheel, the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is designed to deliver the definitive sim racing experience for the PC and PLAYSTATION3. It features a powerful, dual-motor force feedback mechanism with exceptionally quiet helical gearing; a six-speed shifter with push-down reverse gear; integrated RPM/shift indicator LEDs; a comfortable 11-Inch leather-wrapped rim; and steel gas, brake, and clutch pedals.
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Recent Customer Reviews

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 Awesome wheel set for casual sim racer
First off let me just say that i love this wheel but i did rate it a 4 overall. This is due to a couple of small things that really aren't huge problems. Read more

 For a first time user like me, an excellent experience
Though I'd love to, I've never been able to get into high-end video game peripherals like this due to the steep price. 

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