Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit

Must Have for Wireless Controllers
If you have an Xbox 360, and have wireless controllers, then the Quick Charge Kit will really impress you. First, it comes with another rechargable battery, so that's nice. Second, it allows you to charge the batteries without using your Xbox 360! I know many of the complaints about the first play-n-charge kit was that it used a controller port to charge! No more. This kit plugs into the wall and can charge 2 batteries at once. If you have not yet purchased a rechargable battery for the wireless controller, just get this kit which includes one battery. You will save tons on regular batteries, and it really is a great addition to the Xbox 360 family of products.

 A luxury item for your console
This is an excellent option for people who own the wireless controllers. It will save you money over time. The wireless controller of the XB360 can go through a set (2) of AA batteries in about two week's time, if you play heavily.

This is a well-designed and attractive product. The color of the unit matches the color of the 360 perfectly. It is an excellent addition to your collection of accessories for your 360.

I bought one of these units and tested it. It worked as advertised. The performance of the battery pack is better than a set of rechargeable NiMH (1600 mAH) from Rayovac. However, the battery pack did not perform as well as a set of Energizer Alkalines. The Alkalines lasted slightly longer than the Microsoft battery pack.

I was not surprised that the pack lasted longer than the rechargeable AA. Microsoft even stated that rechargeable batteries should not be used in the controllers. I suspect this is due to the fact that typical nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries are 1.2 volts. Whereas disposable alkaline batteries are 1.5 volts. Even in my Logitech wireless controller, for my PS2, the rechargeables do not last nearly as long as disposable alkalines.

Should you buy this Microsoft Quick Charge kit? Would you be better off buying a set of regular AA rechargeable batteries and a good charger?

I can tell you that a typical Rayovac battery charger will recharge a set of AA batteries faster than this kit can recharge its battery pack. And if you shop around, it will also become obvious that two rechargeable AAs and a recharger will cost you slightly less than the purchase price of this Quick Charge kit. And, as C. Johnson stated in his review further down, you can use your rechargeables for other devices, like a digital camera. So, in terms of versatility and applicability to various applications, you cannot beat a set of rechargeable AAs. However, a set of NiMH AAs will not give you the same performance as this battery pack. And, if you are like me, I want to keep all of my video gaming equipment together, in one place. I prefer not to share my video game console's accessories with other devices.

I make part of my living as a computer technician. Because I own a lot of equipment that require AA batteries, I buy my alkaline batteries in bulk. And I only own one controller for my 360. I am also a solitary gamer. Because of that situation, I gave my Quick Charge kit to my best friend, who is also a technician. He has three controllers. He is also a social gamer. Therefore, he has a greater need for this product. At this point, I am back to using disposable alkalines for my controller.

I consider the Microsoft Quick Charge kit to be a luxury accessory for your XBox 360. It is not necessary, for most people. And there are cheaper ways of avoiding the cost of disposable alkalines. However, this is a very neat and tidy solution. And, if you are one of those gamers who somehow managed to break your controller's original battery holder, then this is a very, very good option for you.

I can also recommend this Quick Charge kit for parents. This will save you from having to make a trip to the convenience store on a Saturday afternoon. Picture this scenario. Your child has company over, and they are playing a game on the XBox. All of a sudden, the controllers stop responding. The next thing you know, the children are begging you to go to the store and get them some batteries. This kit, along with extra battery packs, can help prevent these inconveniences. And, because the battery pack is unique, there is no danger that another member of your household will take it and use it for their digital camera. You are guaranteed to have available a fully charged battery pack for your gaming needs. 

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