Rockband Rubber Tip Drum Sticks

Product Features

Color: Yellow Flames
  • Featuring new rubberized tips for muffled sound when playing Rock Band.
  • Officially licensed by Rockband

Product Description

Replacement drumsticks with personality and flare.

Customer Reviews

 Great bounce!
 I have the Rockband 2 wireless drums with cymbals, and I love these things! The rubber tips are removable. They don't cancel much noise, but the bounce they produce on the pads is incredible! They make drumming so much easier. If you have the cymbals, they are just as loud and don't quite bounce as well. They are also thicker, so if the cymbals are too high, you will be hitting them with the stick instead of the tip. The tips also seem to wear rather quickly, but all in all, these are worth it.

Actually improves score.
Nice sticks, if a bit pricey. It is definitely quieter with the rubber tips, and I was surprised to see my scores higher than usual.

 Rock Band Drum Sticks work fine but the tips don't last long.
The drums sticks were on sale and I bought 2 sets. They were lighter than the ones that came with the drums and I really liked the rubber tips.


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