Wii Charge Base Induction Charger

Product Features

  • Contactless charging allows Wii Motion Plus, silicone sleeves and other accessories to be attached to controller while charging
  • Unique magnetic design glides controller into place and holds them there
  • Powered USB port allows other USB devices to be recharged through the dock
  • Unique pass through power plug frees additional outlet for other devices
  • Works with both Wii Remote and Nyko WAND

Wii Charge Base Induction Charger Description

The successor to the worlds best-selling charging solution for Wii has arrived with Nyko’s Charge Base IC. The Charge Base IC uses high end induction technology that allows for contact-less recharging meaning that silicone sleeves, Wii Motion Plus and other attachments do not need to be removed before placing in the Wii Remote or Wand in the dock. The Charge Base IC dual port rapid recharging dock features 2 unique cradles that magnetically hold each controller, suspending and displaying it inside in the dock. Each cradle also glows indicating the charge status of the NiMH rechargeable batteries which can both supply up to 10 hours of playtime on a full charge. The Charge Base IC conveniently plugs into any wall outlet allowing for the fastest recharging time possible, and with Nyko’s Port Free AC adaptor with an outlet pass-through port, the unit won’t take up any additional power outlets. The powered USB port in back also allows you to easily recharge USB compatible devices. The Charge Base IC’s stunning and unique design matches the Wii aesthetic and is perfect to display and charge your controllers.

Customer Reviews
 I highly recommend this charger to any Wii owner
I love my Wii and I play it often, and I like to use the protective sleeves to provide cushioning, enhance grip, and minimize accumulation of dirt on my controllers. If you're like me, your biggest Wii-related nuisance is changing the batteries in your controllers.

Batteries are expensive, and even if you have rechargeables it's a pain to remove the sleeve in order to replace them. Even if you have a regular charger, you still most likely have to remove the Nunchuk and the Motionplus, if not the sleeve as well.

That's where induction charging comes in. The same technology that powers your electric toothbrush allows you to charge your remotes without any contact with the metal components. Just pop your remotes in place: Motionplus, Nunchuk and all if you like. A magnet holds them in position on the stand (stylishly, in my opinion) and a blue light lets you know that they're charging. A green light indicates a full charge, which is easily enough for your average play session. An on/off switch allows you to avoid wasting power while your remotes are already charged or off the base.

I HIGHLY recommend this charger; it's the type of charging system that Nintendo should have included with the Wii, in my opinion.

One word of caution: the charger uses battery packs which are attached to their own battery compartment cover. This means that if you carry these to a friend's house and try to sync them with another Wii, you might have a hard time, as you have to remove the battery pack to access the sync button. I recommend carrying a spare set of batteries if you travel with your remotes.

 Wii Charge Base Induction Charger
This is the best Wii Remote charger that I've seen. It looks great, and works even better. The lights make the stand pop, and not having to modify the Wii Remotes to place them into the charge station is very convenient. The only slight negatives I can see are that the power cord is a bit short, and it's a tad expensive. I highly recommend this charger. 

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