Wii Net Connect

Product Features

  • Requires no wireless network, security codes or complex setup
  • Connects to your existing Internet connection using a standard Cat5 network cable
  • USB 2.0 connection supports the Wii at full speed, even faster than Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with: Wii Opera Browser, Wii Connect 24, Wii Parade, Online play of your favorite online enabled titles, and other online features of the Wii

Wii Net Connect Description

Nyko Net Connect allows this USB Network Adaptor to create a reliable high-speed Lan Internet connection for the Nintendo Wii.

Customer Reviews
 Worked Flawlessly First Time
I got this for my Wii since it was cheaper than setting up a wireless network, and cheaper than the USB Wii Dongle (which costs about as much as a Wireless Router),

I plugged this into the back of my Wii, plugged in an ethernet cable hooked up to my wired router and 2 minutes later I was downloading updates for my Wii.

I have not had any issues with this product, but one thing that might be of concern is that the cat5 ethrnet cable doesn't "lock" into place. It fits snugly, but a tug on the cable can remove it from the adapter. This might be considered a safety feature, since if your foot accidentally snags on your cable it will pull the cable out instead of pulling your Wii off your entertainment stand.  
 It's so easy... well, you know the rest!
I'm a technology hermit and this was a simple setup. I have DSL and all I did was unplug the ethernet cable from the back of my computer and plug it into the adapter. (The adapter plugs into the back of the Wii via USB). Under Wii settings, choose "Internet" - select "connection settings" - select a box that has "None" (ex. "Connection 1 - None") - then select "Wired connection" - select "Ok" to test connection. That's it. Worked instantly. You only need a Wii points card if you want to download virtual games (500-1000 points, depending on game) or download the Internet Channel (500 points). This review is a bit of a mess, but I give this product 5 Stars!


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