Game develop company in China buy License Game Transformers Online.

NetDragon company develops online games in China. To buy a license Transformers Online game production company from the Hasbro company are already. By the development of online games available in the market of Asia, Russia, Middle East and North Africa.
Previously, the only Activision game developers to develop a single family, Transformers game released, but NetDragon game development company from China has made an agreement with Hasbro to be completed to bring Transformers to produce online games. This game is a MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game by game will send out the service in Asian markets, Russia, Middle East and North Africa. Including the CIS countries in the former Soviet Union.

It is estimated that in 2011 NetDragon Transformers Online game will be sent out of service. However, that has not been disclosed, will bring the traditional character Transformers used in online games or developed a new character. Include no details that would send the game that come out in North America and Europe or by the addition Transformers and NetDragon is a game that passage from the west more like Heroes of Might and Magic Online and Disney Fantasy Online include. Developing a Dungeon Keeper Online and Ultima Online is a new version.

Source : GameSpot

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