HD Link for Wii

Product Features

  • High quality video output for the sharpest, clearest picture
  • View Wii games in perfect 480p resolution
  • Extra long 8 foot cable for easy set up connection
  • Shielded cable for interference-free audio and video
  • Widescreen support

HD Link for Wii Description

Experience a new level of graphical clarity on the Wii with the HD-Link from Nyko. The HD-Link is designed to provide the best possible video and audio connection for the Nintendo Wii. Featuring high end Y, Bp, Pr component connections, the HD-Link provides full 480p resolution for your HDTV. The shielded 8 foot cable allows for interference-free audio and video in any entertainment setup while providing the best video and audio quality available for the Wii. The HD-Link is ideal for those who demand the most of their home electronics and want the best possible Wii experience.
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Most Recent Customer Reviews

 HD Link for Wii
I got this for the kids not so much for the "Wii Games" but instead for them to watch "Netflix-through-Wii". Read more
 Save Some Money, Enjoy a Better Picture
This is a great addition if you have a Wii hooked up to a television with component video inputs. And it's half the price of what you would pay for a similar cable at retail... Read more
 No big difference on 32" 720p Bravia
I just upgraded to a 32" 720p Bravia and decided to upgrade my Wii to component video from the composite video. Read more


1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...I don't think that this is really any different than any other component cable. I thought that component cables all easily did a 480p resolution.


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