IPTV Coming to 360 Xbox

IPTV service can use through 360 Xbox many areas in Canada

Telus local cable operators of Canada. User cans be open for watching TV is through a video game console Xbox 360, the service is launch, in the middle last week.

In Alberta State are located in the western side of Canada and the British Columbia, is located at the end of the west of Canada as well as the software Mediaroom developed by Microsoft in the management and shooting off the TV programs to live telecasting of the television through a video game console Xbox 360 without the need to connect with no hardware, especially the software does not generated total into the system of Xbox 360 and has not yet for free download through Xbox live marketplace but will run from disk produced by Telus which the user need not be a member of the Optik TV Telus before they will be able to access to this program by the user can be obtained TV Channel by more than 400 with 50 channels, the transmission system in the resolution, which the users HD also will be able to use this software in the record TV favorite. but will be added to the equipment Optik DVR set-top box Telus by a local cable operator were the first offer IPTV through Xbox 360 in the area of North America through technology that take in the development of Microsoft by more than 3 years for a long time by the Civil Service prepared presented in the same, many countries within this year.

Source : CNET

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