Microsoft launches new Xbox 360 controller.

On Tuesday last. Microsoft representatives have said in November that the team is to prepare Planning to open availability of controllers for New Xbox 360 console will be updated design changes, especially in the D-pad to attract players not less.

The first thing that Player can experience the changes of the new Xbox 360 controller devices are designed to form a new adjustment. Of clean white button variety of colors, combined with more familiar Color line as the other sports, with colors to the black and gray. All the buttons are grayscale.

The new design features in the D-pad that is designed to be able to twist. When a player to tweak the D-pad keys to form a cross over was little higher. This allows the player easy to press the steering even more. For work within that Remains firmly traditional. However, the D-pad can be adjusted to work better.

The new Xbox 360 controller device is released officially on November 9 this will be included in the series "Play and Charge kit" or a set of accessories Microsoft. Which will cost about 64.99 U.S.dollars
Source : CNET, Pantip

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