UFC Undisputed 2010

THQ prepared send UFC undisputed to PSP

THQ 2010, revealed that prepared to send a game UFC undisputed 2010 version for PlayStation portable or PSP sold on September 7, 2010

After sending the UFC undisputed 2010 to sold on May past, in the 360 and Xbox PlayStation 3 version, since May, THQ was revealed that was prepared to send UFC undisputed 2010 in portable game PSP, on 7 September, for the North America. There will raise all versions of the game console, and all that will be played mode, as well as to the fighter ring an octagon to have more than 100 people including the player can continue to build a fighter, with the play multiplayer, can play through Wi-Fi it with also revealed that there was the game development will be using movement of the players to control the game with the name that "UFC trainer" that will also plans to send sales January 1 , 2011 on a platform Wii, Xbox 360 and PS 3

Source : GameSpot

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