BioShock 2

Bioshock 22 K Games disappointment Gamers, after announcement is not made BioShock 2 for PC.

Bioshock 2All the gamers are waiting to touch BioShock2 on PC Seem to have broken dreams. When have been messaging posted on 2K Games Forum to expansion to the improvement of the game BioShock 2 for gamers of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console have to touch one another since last August. 

The development teams has been explaining a little detail of the patch for the console version "team plans to release patching for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console with solve some problems in the game, which has not been done to change the game so much and in addition, there is no plan to bring BioShock 2 to play on the PC in the future.

Bioshock 2Which The team had to condolence on what make everyone disappointed" and after the team came announced to apology fans through webboard. All the gamers have any questions and criticism with what happened and many gamers are not satisfied and ask for the reason of this decision, which the company will not be able to find the answers to explain much only claim that it was because time and the problem of technical.

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