Halo Reach

Halo Reach      
Halo Reach the top best-selling game on the website Amazon.

After the game Halo Reach firing game opponent the first game of the cooperation between Microsoft and Bungie have just launched a few days. It cans break record of online games on the console Microsoft Xbox Live.

One's the game Creator of Bungie. Has posted a message on Twitter pages that the game of Halo Reach this sector rather stand out than the game recording ever. Although he did not specify the number of players to play the game. However it would likely increase the number much higher. And the afternoon yesterday has reported, that the game Halo Reach regular version that sell for 59 dollars, can climb the top podium games that are best-selling on Amazon list, while the game Halo Reach Limited Edition version at $ 79 dollars had caught the fourth of the best-selling games on the site, too. And for the game Halo Reach a large set (Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console Bundle), which includes theme for Halo, console Xbox 360 250GB, Wireless controller and the game Halo Reach the retail price of 399 dollars, it ranked eighth game table with a best-seller of the Amazon too. Likewise Halo Reach game was built especially to play with the console Xbox 360, Stories about brave Spartan soldiers are called Noble Team these stands to protect humanity to escape from the horrors that occurred.

By Microsoft left the end, that the game version, has developed the picture graphics and sound system for the better than ever to ensure that the player has been experiencing with experience in the play the game that great over the past.

Source : TechWeb

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