Jungle Handheld game console

Panasonic Launch Jungle Portable game console sport style. Starters fans. Before the actual release.

Turn to catch the game console markets with them too. When Panasonic or Panasonic cloud entertainment prepared to break through game console market with launch Jungle Handheld game console the last of the world, especially designed for those who prefer to play MMORPGs game.

The Jungle comes with Sport-shaped body and high resolution screen. Convenince type massaging with keyboard-QWERTY and sensitive D-pads button. Working with Linux operating system the preferences have their own in addition, it also supports connection port Mini HDMI, micro USB and headphones jack size 3.5 millimeters, which not only support system of their own it also supports other programs installed, which is now all the gamers that are interested can enter to preview photo and video at the website thejungle.com before announced the opening official launch, and other details about console games, this is now being kept in a secret, but the information that there was expecting Panasinic intended to send this game console into online games market in the future, of course.

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