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PlayStation Move Starter BundleSony challenge fight war of console, With the announces selling PS3 Move.

Sony announced battle battlefield game console forward with selling PlayStation 3 Move yesterday, hope to be one of the challenger to the two rival major like Microsoft and Nintendo will be sold at the store Best Buy and website Amazon. By SONY intended to launch the equipment game console, before the Microsoft competitors will launch a game wireless device called Kinect for Xbox 360 console to challenge to win the war soon.

PlayStation3 Move is the wireless controllers game console as well as Wii Console. However, devices of Sony shall have the accuracy and compatibility with other games more. The Move Packages will include a camera for connecting to PS3 console and wireless controllers. Game DVD with the price to $ 100, and only PS3 Move available buy at a cost of $ 50.

The Microsoft was prepared to offer wireless console likewise, and scheduled to open officially on November 4 coming. It is priced at $ 150 which the package including camera, sound detector and the motion sensor  body 48 points allowing the players can perform an action on the screen to run commamds with act and voice simultaneously.

Source : TechWeb

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