Super Mario Bros Anniversary 25 years.

Anniversary 25 years with legends game as global Super Mario Bros

Happy Birthday back younger red bib Super Mario Bros Anniversary 25 years.

Back to September 13 , 1985 on the global summit legends game Super Mario Bros had originated in the first time in Japan Super Mario Bros game designed to allow player has to wear role as a young man, at least a moustache and wearing red bib, whose name was Mario (or adopting a Luigi characters wearing green bib, for the play many people) and go to various adventures. To rescue the Princess pretty a name that Princess peach, Super Mario Bros game is the top best-selling in the period more than 20 years, before the Wii Sports knock championship last year 2009, where the game Origin. Jim Street Journal, can be sold to 40 million copies worldwide. Although the time period of the past will come out with new games challenge players on a regular basis. Some of the characters, it may be forgotten or reduced to some remarkable but with Mario and friends, it will remain outstanding role on the minds of those who played a lengthy course.
When last year, Nintendo has released fanfare New Super Mario Bros game for Wii and was delivered the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out to entertain the players. Which is considered one of the game is best for the Wii in this year, Along with the birthday celebration of Anniversary on the 25-year Guinness Book also record named Mario was the legends of the game world.

Source : CNET

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