Good October For Xbox 360

Xbox 360 250GB Console
Microsoft reveals October was a good month for the Xbox 360.

Although in the past October. Overview of the video game business will sluggish. The growth rated, was reducing 4 percent, but in those that To be a good time for Microsoft. It cans bring Xbox 360 console to be ahead of the competition. A period of five consecutive

The Microsoft have recently revealed that in the past 5 months. Xbox 360 consoles sold included ahead of the competition. Both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, by Xbox 360 sold up to 325,000 units in past October, which was representing 30 percent of last year. And when compared to this year found a growth rate up to 34 percent. However, the top revenue in month is the hardware of the Nintendo DS. By the NPD and Nintendo both refused to discuss any sales. By Microsoft to go well in the business software game. Although the NBA 2K11 of 2K Sports company is that overwhelm in the software market. However Microsoft was able to push Fable III has sold up to 580,000 copies within a month easily.

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