Kinect hacked

Microsoft's Kinect controller has been hacking after to sell as just a few days.

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!Kinect controller code has been produced that makes it doable to use the computer more than the Xbox game console. The group behind hacks eager to use device in schools and art projects to help human-robot interactions. Microsoft has said are not satisfied with the modifications informal happened to Gadget's control system. Trying to cut control system for gadget Kinect by electronic combination 4 November Adafruit date announcements will pay $ 1000 for the first person that produce the software controlling Kinect. It's like upped to $ 3000 following comments from Microsoft that it did not forgive the reverse engineering of controlling the movement of it.

Microsoft to statement in the BBC “the Xbox 360 for the control has not yet been Kinect hacked "What happens to people who have made drivers that allow other devices to communicate with the Xbox 360 Kinect for, the creation of these drivers and your Xbox 360 with Kinect for other device does not support" MS added: "We strongly recommend the customers apply for Xbox 360 Kinect with their Xbox 360 to get the best experience possible."

Adafruit contest is up to Google Group dedicated to open source Kinect that there are about 400 members. Many people who have started their own video posts using the Apple Kinect and multi touch interface. The work is in progress of the driver that is compatible with Windows computers. In blog, Adafruit said: expect to see Kinect start to be used in any type of much more than just gaming It said that it will be how to interact with the robot or the installation art. Kinect interesting to robotcists amateur because the retail price is about $129 is lower than the cost of monitoring the movement of similar complexity

Mr. Martin said: "he will share the cash prize with the other hackers to help him get Linux drivers. He said that work continuously to improve control system to the comparable as one used by Xbox"

The contest, the second open source Kinect has now started also supported by the Google engineer Matt Cuts, he will give you $1000 to anyone that produced what he see the coolest project source is $1000 prize on Kinect are separate, with team building tools that will make it easier to use Kinect on Linux

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