The Kinect Star Wars coming out next Chrismas 2011

All discussed concerning E3 the Kinect game continues to be a year of release.

The trailer of the short game at E3, but it was only an idea of the Jedi movement controlled, sending your fingertips than most enough Star Wars Kinect tension device detects, motion and Microsoft should be doing. Unluckily, Microsoft said that the game in a Galaxy very, very far and will not coming out until Christmas 2011.

Kudo Tsunoda The Kinect’s creative Director to interview with the BBC Newsbeat confirmed that it is always a good year ahead of the LucasArts developed exclusively for Xbox 360.

We have a Star war Kinect out for the holiday of the upcoming game [Christmas 2011], Tsunoda says "you would simple to imagine to be a Jedi and use the Kinect to make you feel part of a Star War experience building itself a reflection of the Jedi. I saw a lot of game and is super attractive.

The Kinect Star Wars, which made a brief appearance from Cirque du Soleil odd Microsoft "project Natal Experience" event and, before the official E3 presser KINECTS. In both cases, demonstrated in a battle of the war galaxy game showed and a third person controlled Jadi by Kinect. It seemed to be an on rail action game, with players brandish a light saber and force powers waving arms.

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