Nintendo not yet Cut Price Game Console

Wii Hardware Bundle - BlackNintendo did not think that will cut price game console, recently. Even to meet with situation of sales slump.

Although, now the Japanese game company Nintendo have been facing problems in the sales game console Wii decrease, but to a company that is still in its commitment to keep selling price for a console, which is the main strategy for the market with more attractive to customers.
Mr. Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo said. "We cannot say that the announced sale of game consoles will never happen, but certainly announced sale will not happen soon indeed. In addition, we also plan to focus on the more attractive to customers" Iwata believes that the best way to succeed. Besides classic equipment game console is white and black to distribute, the company also plans to release a game kit Limited Editions to celebrate the anniversary of 25 years with Super Mario Bros game. In  the game equipment is to be established price is 200 US dollars and is scheduled to be released on November 7 arriving by the kits will include Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports, nunchuk bright red color that is symbol of Mario, along with Super Mario Bros game.

Xbox 360 250GB ConsoleHowever, that will be the announced the reduction price or selling its products in a package, Nintendo is also necessary to find other ways to push the sales volume of a game console Wii to a patient, and when the April to September, Nintendo made the sales volume of console game of their own the 4.97 million, less than the same period last year, the sales to 5.75 million units, which is not different from DS, with sales decreased in this has resulted in the past, the company had not lost income to more than 24.6 million US dollars, it seems that the problem of Nintendo now seemed to cross with Microsoft once of rivals, when the company market research NPD report that Xbox 360 can make the sales have increased to 34% has resulted in September, it has become a game console, which is the top of the best-selling it.

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