Nintendo Wii, DS sales fall drastically.

Nintendo have to put up with the critically for more than six months after the sales of both Wii and DS game consoles, dropped drastically.
Wii with Wii Sports Resort - Black

Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / BlackBy the company had lost income more than 2.01 billion yen or about 24.6 million dollars throughout the past six months ended in late September. By a decrease in profit from the same period last year, which is that profit about 69.5 billion yen with revenue in the past 6 months of Nintendo is at 363 billion yen decrease from the year 2009 with income in the 548 billion yen by Nintendo has sold Nintendo DS at 6.69 million units in the 6 months ago, while in the year 2009 worldwide sales of Nintendo DS in the 11.7 million units, although Nintendo will have the affect of the decrease in recent years, but there is to hear in good news, in during the shopping season at the end of this year, the distribution of Nintendo will be increased. Due to the yen Currency appreciation.

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