Drops Dead Space 2 Demo

Dead Space 2 will not be available until 25 January in North America, can gamers the interplanetary survival horror thriller more than a month of experience. 

Today Electronic Arts announced it was preparing a demo of the game for 21 December release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. There was no evidence of a demo of the PC version of the game, in addition to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 brothers debut after a short period of doubt.

Develop by the internal review of the Visceral Games, Dead Space 2 follows the adventures of Isaac Clarke, an engineer, the hero of the first game. After the fight Necromorphs mutant zombies on a space ship, subway, Clarke is located in a large city, with a moon of Saturn. Things to rapidly south, but if Necromorphs to destroy the city, forcing Isaac through a maze filled with creatures from danger.

The demo itself is the level Unitology Church, which Clarke was a sanctuary for the house allegedly Necromorph ... Which is the opposite. The attack raises a host of new weapons and abilities to the test, including firearms and telekinesis improved. Clarke also provided a new suit jet to fly to expand in the air.

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