EA Expected 20% Digital Games Sales

EA expected 20% of the sales of Digital Games
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FIFA Soccer 11Last year, Activision CEO Robert Kotick told investors that the development of expensive equipment such as packaging, limited edition and DLC players are willing to spend over $ 500 for a single game. The investor presentation confirmed, Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown today that the players on top of that total only DLC will be placed.

On the 38th Annual Meeting of UBS Media and Communications Conference today, Brown stressed the growing role of digital distribution and content download games, particularly the portfolio of the issuer. In the current fiscal year, EA hopes to get 20 percent of its revenue - about U.S. $ 750,000,000 - digital activities, most of the DLC and downloads the full game.

A particularly lucrative Brown gave the efforts of the digital society in the FIFA series Ultimate Team mode where players form teams of the imagination for the purchase of business cards, they add players to your team can use a limited number of games. Card received normal or bought via micro-transactions.

"We see people spend $ 500, $ 600, $ 700 on a digital map package simulation game of the last operation of the team," Brown said investors.

FIFA 09 - the first game to introduce the Ultimate Team mode -. EA has $ 15,000,000 in revenue size of this group out of letters "Ultimate Pack Brown combined cost for the development of the method to add single-digit millions. The following year, the game has contributed approximately $ 30,000,000, and during the FIFA 11 figures not been completed, Brown said he hopes the trend continues. Although the situation has moved from EA Madden NFL and NHL franchises, Brown does not have to elaborate on the performance of these securities.

Download the full version of the game was also a thriving environmental assessment. The company estimates that $ 90 million to 100 million U.S. dollars to download full PC games and this year had success with the model of the console. Brown said that Battlefield 1943, the standalone version of Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network shooter that was released in mid-2009. The cost to build the game in a million to one figure, but give EA some 16 million dollars in sales (according to Microsoft and Sony have been piecing.

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