Microsoft Kinect Strong!

Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect
Microsoft boasts 'Kinect'. Strong! Make sale over million units. after released a few days.

If the one million figure is important to demonstrate the greatness in sales. This day, Microsoft announced clearly of accessories for the game called 'Kinect' rating can climb up a successful product on the market within a short time.

'Kinect' use of time available in North America only 10 days and in Europe last week. With only this time, it enables to set a new record and big revenue to Microsoft. Then Microsoft came out to ranting that "by the end of this year. This accessory should be generating sale up to 5 million units. In Dennis Durkin vice president, Operating Officer and Financial Officer of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business added that several sales would have increased the amount of production, Microsoft has also increased accordingly. For 'Kinect' accessories was launched for the first time since 2009 within the fair game E3 Expo at the Los Angeles. Which is considered as a device to play games that are different from competitors like Sony and Nintendo a lot. Because it is not only accessories only But it also has the ability to be a camera and microphone for voice control to play the game as well.

In addition, Microsoft planing to release top hit accessories in the Asian Market on November 18 and Japan on November 20 coming up.

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