Sony DC Universe Online.

PlayStation addition, when it was announced in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is an advantage of quick access to large game beta test. Today the PlayStation Blog has revealed that $ 50/year subscription timely access to the major title have come from Sony MMORPG DC Universe Online.

PlayStation subscribers also get, access soon for DC Universe Online. Describe as "very soon," the beta will be available for free on the region's PlayStation Store PlayStation Plus. It cans PlayStation Plus subscribers a beta key for pre-order request of the game and follow the instructions on the game's official website.

Previously scheduled to begin last month on PC and PlayStation 3 DC Universe Online has until October, its development, Sony Online Entertainment has been postponed. Set in the world of DC Comics allows the players a super hero or villain and fight to create or against iconic cartoon characters like the Joker, Batman, Superman and others.

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