StarCraft II Game Most Pirated 2010.

StarCraft II 2011 Wall Calendar (Calendar)Starcraft II: Wings of LibertyStarCraft II game was ranked most pirated in 2010.

Worthy to be crowned the best selling game for the Game StarCraft II. The last record was the top five of the 'top torrent file' from TorrentFreak site. StarCraft II game is the torrent file the most data transfer, after released less than four months.

StarCraft II game is ranked as the torrent file that the maximum data transfer. With over 2.3 million downloads that total time with the file size 7.19GB. That when the total number of times to download. Make StarCraft II is the number of data transfer at up to 15.77PB. And in August last TorrentFreak site reported that StarCraft II has already been downloaded over 260,000 times. Making it to be the top games are being pirated the most in this year too. Which is not surprising for strong trends. If compared with the number of games that can be sold as many as 1.5 million copies within the first 48 hours of release or sold 3 million copies within a month in September. However, the interesting here is the Blizzard camp brought bit torrent program to help to boost sales.

By The company is using  website of them to be web bit client to transfer data to customers who purchase the game. And reduce the workload for the server. Although it will enable the company to face the problem of piracy. Respectively. The Company also confirmed that the game will use the same approach, this game World of Warcraft that will be released in the future. There will also be ready to solve the problem of piracy with more.

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