World of Warcraft forwent character move fees

Blizzard handling floods influx of new and returning players, allowing free transfers to and from selected areas by 22 December.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is a fundamental change in the virtual world of Azeroth, but Blizzard changes of massively multiplayer online role-playing game will be extended by the players. To the influx of new and returning players, Blizzard announced on Friday that would allow a free transfer of data to and from certain servers in the game for a limited time.

To 22 December, Blizzard unleashed the transfer of more than 25 highly populated server to ease the registration of problems in the code, or performance. Although there are dozens of possible target areas, players can choose between more than two to circulate to the world. The official website of World of Warcraft is a list of eligible areas and their goals are allowed.

The traffic is one way only once. Players who have found in the target area is not entitled to pay the standard rate of $ 25 for the transport of a move for his character. In addition, if an object in gold or lost during the course of the free character transfer is not restored.

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