Lego Rock Band

Lego Rock Band
Product Feature

  •     Peripherals are needed to play
  •     Use the LEGO character customizes to form and personalize your band, instrument controllers and entourage.
  •     A rock tinged, nonetheless family-friendly song list provided each on the sport disc and as downloadable content via Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  •     Pull-off killer riffs in LEGO themed Rock Power Challenges to perform superb feats like defeating a large octopus, summoning a storm or demolishing a skyscraper.
  •     Build fame LEGO vogue by finishing songs to gather LEGO studs ? unlock cool vehicles, progress to new venues and unlock new characters and instruments.

Lego Rock Band Description

LEGO Rock Band merges 2 of the foremost widespread video game franchises to deliver a novel family-friendly music expertise which will take all ages of gamers on a wild journey to rock stardom so as to "Build a Band and Rock the Universe." Joining the authentic multiplayer music expertise of Rock Band with the accessibility, customizing and humor of the game LEGO, LEGO Rock Band allows players to form their rock star vogue and customize their Symbol, a member of the band, Roadies, and managers.

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