Microsoft Kinect for PC

Rumors: Microsoft prepared to support Kinect for PC

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!

Hot non-stop for the wireless gaming device from Microsoft camp 'Kinect'. The latest rumors out of my stream that The Company's software giant provide hardware support to play this game to your PC. Within this page. It brings out many developers. People come together to create and to support the development of sensors plugged into the PC. In addition, Microsoft is also preparing for the birth Kinect SDK and drivers for Windows with an official.

When the Kinect was first released, it was all those hackers initial testing of the hardware inside, immediately led to many devices plugged into the Xbox console, except that there is ownership of the goods Dmeor not quite funny. However, after a few weeks later. Microsoft also understands that what hackers do to their Kinect It's good. Free also announced that it will not stop the development of devices to play the game for those who booked And will use the tools it needs to be more than game with the normal for the rumors that happen. Part to the video on Youtube one can watch the game on the demo months ago, as well as CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has told the other words. That the company is prepared to support Kinect a PC at the right time ago Kinect can make excellent sales than expected. Can be sold more than 8 million units within 60 days of sold. After the company expects that it will be sold an additional 5 million units by year-end 2010. Finally, it can be very amazing.

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